Price list

Hotel that can walk from Kanazawa Station

(Special rate period will be billed separately.)

Rates are for 1 to 2 people


From Sunday to Thusday and holiday.


9,860 JPY

Friday and Saturday, day before holiday.


12,060 JPY

Rest    (Available 24hours a day)


Within 90 minutes

4.070 JPY

Within 2 hours

4,920 JPY

Within 3 hours

6,620 JPY

Saturday,Sanday,and horiday

Within 90 minutes

4,730 JPY

Within 2 hours

5,640 JPY

Within 3 hours

7,460 JPY

service plan

From Monday to Friday daytime


5,610 JPY

From Sanday to Thursday evening.


6,160 JPY

Extended Fee

From Monday to Friday.

Every 30 minutes.

850 JPY

On Saturday and Sunday,and holiday

Every 30 minutes.

910 JPY

The hotel guide

  • Please pay using the automatic checkout machine when leaving the room
  • in Japan yen or credit card payment. Traveler's checks are not available.
  • Rates are for 2 people. Each additional person will incur an additional charge of 50%.
  • Please contact Front No. 9. When you enter the room, the door will be locked automatically, so please be sure to contact us when opening the door.
  • If you can prepay in front, you can go out

Person under 18 years old is not available

credit card